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Leading the way in trends and innovations, the global industry is exploiting various tools and technologies to meet the needs of manufacturers, companies and start-ups. The production chain is running at full speed.


Industrial processes

All methods and operations carried out to transform raw materials into industrial and consumer products, find them on

Industrial machinery

Industrial machinery and equipment

The various industrial tools, machines and equipment required for a company’s production chain within its business premises.

Industrial market

Industrial market

The different industrial technologies used in various sectors of activity: construction, food processing, textile industries, aeronautics, etc.

Industrial robots

Industrial robots

Advances in robotics in the manufacturing industry

The industrial organisation is evolving rapidly towards robotisation. Automated robots complement the use of industrial machines to ensure the entire production chain of the company. They are particularly useful for the assembly of industrial parts.

Eumetrys Robotics is a specialist in industrial robotics and offers advanced industrial maintenance services. Its expertise covers the repair, troubleshooting, maintenance and replacement of defective parts of robots and industrial equipment. The company has a wide range of Robots, Load Ports and Pre-Aligners compatible with most semiconductor processes. It also carries out standard exchanges.

Tools & Technologies

The importance of supply chain
management to the industry

Warehousing Solutions

Warehousing Solutions

Practical and efficient warehousing solutions to increase responsiveness to the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

Expertise in organising the various successive transports of its raw materials and industrial products.

Material supply

Material supply

The various possible management solutions dedicated to the supply of materials to its production chain.

Optimisation of stocks

Optimisation of stocks

The action plans to be put in place to optimise stock management, inputs and outputs within the factory.


Controlling industrial safety

Risk assessment in the factory
A factory risk assessment ensures industrial safety. It identifies the various hazards on the shop floor, within the production line, the potentially dangerous products and the vulnerable targets.

Technologies & innovations

The future of industrial

3D printing

The development of 3D printing

3D printing offers a wide range of possibilities for manufacturers to model different missing parts in 3D or to create new ones.

connected objects

The use of sensors and connected objects

Sensors and connected objects facilitate the collection of industrial data. They quickly detect changes in different situations.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

AI optimises industrial performance, reduces failures in the production chain and automates their processes, more on

Global Industry

Global Productivity

Benefits of automation
in industry

Productivity improvement

Productivity improvement

Industrial automation improves productivity by meeting more ambitious targets when it comes to productivity. It reduces idle time and optimises the use of human skills by leaving time-consuming and tedious tasks to machines and robots.

Cost reduction

Industrial automation reduces production costs to improve competitiveness. It minimises the operating and labour costs associated with certain parts of the production chain. It also limits the additional expenses due to substantial breakdowns.